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are not as significant as roses. new robinson signed on to bring some energy to this club and for the most part the pieces seem to be falling together and the fact that rose will be around at first it does not change one bit the bowls objective. >> is not changing our attitudes or approach to how we're going to play. defense, rebound, low turnover cover up your weaknesses, do your job stay disciplined whether he is here or not, that is always the same. we are up for the challenge, we got some new players that are working their butts off and we all are getting better every day. >> and we will have the season opener for you here, chicago only audience for this one. the nba season is already under way. they turned their attention to the celtics. he probably made the right choice, he raced jeff green and at the other end of a big finish from who else, looking good in this season opener 120-1 07, notre dame rising in the national football conscious after saturday's impressive victory in oklahoma, of course it won't matter this week if the irish jumble against pitt if their goal is the national cha
los upstream. this energy goes down to the gulf into swings up the east coast. these two lows are tracking east southeast word. here is where the snow will accumulate tonight, so much so there is even asan advisory there. tomorrow there will be some warm air trying to get up in southern illinois but it will only be in the 40's. election day ought to be quiet in these parts may be a shower late in the day but a good day to get out and vote. on the east coast entirely different story. low temperatures 37 tonight and then tomorrow mostly cloudy and cool normal highs are in the mid '50s but we will settle for 50 tomorrow. mostly cloudy tomorrow night. and then the clocks go back an hour saturday night. >> coming up just a few more days to convince a small slice of undecided voters where both candidates for president are spending their final days and a selfless act from local families after receiving grim news of a second cancer diagnosis. [ man ] we all share a common journey. we wanted to serve our country, stand for something bigger than ourselves, and protect the things w
at scott elementary district to 04 is spokesperson says he was a well loved high-energy boy who will be greatly missed, the school is planning a celebration of his life next week, funeral orations for both the victims are pending. >> a downtown chicago hotel facing a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with the outbreak of legionnaires' disease the lawsuit filed on behalf of an irish tourist that died in august says that the 56 year-old was dining at the j.w. marriott hotel and tea in held dangerous water vapors apparently contaminated with the legionella bacteria it was found in the decorative fountains in the main lobby also found in the hotel's pool spa, a whirlpool and locker room. >> nearly 100 chicago firefighters graduated today applicants from the controversy all entrance exam given in 1995 are among the thousands of african american applicants bypassed by discriminatory practices but today the city close another chapter on discrimination. we should protected from discrimination the heroes that protect us from harm. their compensating the thousands of african-america
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3